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SEKU Instructors Class 10/06/2...


SEKU Instructors Class 10 June 2018 Yet another great instructors class was held on 10th June 2018 at Priory School, Portsmouth. This also happened to be Sensei Dewey's Birthday! What better place to be than in a Dojo with people trying to hurt one another! Happy Birthday Sensei! The session started with reverse block practicing with an emphasis on the importance of rotation in the hip thus narrowing the target area. After this and just before our break we were asked to participate in Ken Ly...

The Shotokan Karate Bridport T...


The Shotokan Karate Bridport Training Course & Dan Gradings 2018 May 13 @ 11:00 am - 3:00 pm Bridport course has not only become an annual event, this course is for a fantastic cause because all proceeds go to Damon’s Health Angel Fund. The Dewey’s, all of us, are extremely grateful to everyone that comes and trains over the weekend giving up their time, effort in training and travel. We are also thankful for your donations and help not just this weekend but all those oth...

GOLD in the 2018 Nationals!


It was a great day out at the Portsmouth Academy, home of Portsmouth KC dojo on the 24th March 2018 for the 36th Annual SEKU Championships. Seeing plenty of new faces and old friends from around the country interrupting their weekend in search of shotokan karate gold. Well done to all the competitors whatever your result, thanks you to all the instructors who organise their clubs/students for the event, a huge thanks to the judges, referees, timekeepers and especially the first aid of St John Am...
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SEKU Instructor Class Jan 2018


Once again it was great to see members of Portsmouth Karate Club in attendance of the January SEKU Instructors class, not only being taught but teaching also. The class started with a gradual warm up taken by Sensei Alan Lewis (Crofton SSK), our very own Sensei Dewey (Portsmouth KC) then took over from there working on punching techniques. We all paired up to work on pads and the execution of technique emphasising on the importance of relaxation before and after delivering the given blow.

This was followed by Sensei Stacey Crowe (Portsmouth KC) going through the stance posture and hip rotation work. We then took a break to try and digest the past 2 hrs! We then reconvened with a few group photos thanks to Ken Lyons (Machi Dojo).

All of us started back on the pads for Kizami, Gyaku and Oi Tzuki training. At this stage as you can imagine there are now a few red faces in the Dojo, but now it was time to work on accuracy all the same! The gymnasium’s climbing ropes came in to play at this stage as we took turns to deliver our killer blows to the suspicious looking rope. Not without a few bloody knuckles I have to say!

Sensei Brian Smith then continued with the pad work in application to kata Kihon, this makes a difference when you know there’s a target to go for when executing the Kata. After the four hours of training, the idea is to take a few of the observations back to the club Dojos to work on and try to improve.


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